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@ 直接顧客のみならずエンドユーザーを含めた「顧客満足」

A より良い製品を早く安くご提供できる「生産性の向上」

B 社員一丸となって組織を運営する「人材育成」




株式会社 東 洋
代表取締役 岩 田 修 身

Toyo Company Limited, Surface Engineering Solutions Company

After succeeding the technology and the honor from Toyo Mekki Kogyo Inc. which established in 1947, we reorganized it as “Toyo Company Ltd.”, and we started to operate the factory of Engineer Chrome Plating in 1988 in the newly born city, Tsukuba, Japan.

Our technology and service of Chrome plating have been admired by numerous customers in numerous field of basic industries in Japan. However, we did not satisfied with the name as a Chrome platter. We added a machinery division in order to extended our services to grind process which often were demanded in industrial mechanical parts. Lately we equipped HVOF thermal spray facilities so we can be called as “The Comprehensive Surface Engineer Company.”


Our key words to reach the goals are as follows:


@ Customers’ Satisfaction: not only the party who order to us but also the party who use them at the end.

A High Level of Productivity: to offer the better quality product in fast and less cost.

B Training of Employees: to keep high level of quality and productivity, we aggressively train the employees.


We ask you to keep gazing our activities in the future, and we look forward to having an order from you soon.


Osami Iwata,

President of Toyo Company Limited